Stone bridge over Zdobnice in Vamberk

The river with a nice name, containing an element of decoration, is bridged by several bridges. But only one is called Little Charles Bridge. It was built in the years 1864 - 65 and carries on its shoulders six of our national saints. It is about St. Ludmila and Wenceslas, St. Prokop and Vojtěch and the whole ensemble is closed by the heralds of St. Cyril and Methodius. Their artistic father is the sculptor Harnach from Vysoké Mýto.

Stone bridge over Zdobnice in Vamberk Stone bridge over Zdobnice in Vamberk Stone bridge over Zdobnice in Vamberk Stone bridge over Zdobnice in Vamberk

Information for visitors

Adress: Vilímkova, Vamberk
GPS: 50.11732420, 16.28461420
Stone bridge over Zdobnice in Vamberk map

Interesting facts Stone bridge over Zdobnice in Vamberk

The stone bridge has three arches, each 13.5 meters long. At a lower level of the river, it is possible to look under the bridge and stand under one of them. The width of the road, along with the sidewalks on the sides, is ten meters. The charm of this building is given by the view of the reflection of the whole structure in the water. Nature can simply work miracles. Only we humans often prevent them from interfering inappropriately with its unique structure.

Let's mention the town of Vamberk itself. It has a population of almost four thousand and its construction began in the period when most of the other settlements were established, ie in the 13th century. Art connoisseurs certainly know that it is a place of famous bobbin lace.

Come and visit this location in the foothills of the Eagle Mountains. On the route you have several interesting gems, whether Doudleby nad Orlicí chateau, Potštejn chateau and castle or a wooden bridge in Pekle nad Zdobnicí. Of course, there are far more pearls, but in the age of the Internet and a plethora of literature, it is a breeze to get acquainted with the intended visit to any area through these sources.

Author: Marcela Horká, Vlastimil Hloupý