Trips to the Giant Mountains

Boiler - Giant Mountains

Reportedly, one of the most beautiful mountains of our highest mountain range, the Giant Mountains, has an altitude of 1435 m and is located in their western part, in the district of Semily. It is called Kotel, German Kesselkoppe, and in the past it was…

Braunberg Vista Point

Head to the lookout tower on Hnědý vrch and treat yourself to a beautiful panoramic view of the entire Krkonoše Mountains!

Černá hora peat bog

Nature has created countless places to which you can return permanently and never get bored. Others will visit once, without the need to experience this knowledge again. Places belonging to the first mentioned category lie in the bowels of our Czech…

Elbe mine

The Krkonoše National Park offers many beautiful places and one of the most enchanting is without a doubt the Elbe Mine. Every year, many tourists set out on a hiking trail that leads through this valley, admiring the natural scenery and enjoying…

Giant Mountains - mountains

The highest mountains of the whole Czech Republic are the Giant Mountains, of the twenty highest peaks in the Czech Republic, fifteen are located right here. The Giant Mountains are located in northern Bohemia and offer their visitors great conditions for…

Harrachov - not just a winter resort

The city of Harrachov has most people associated with skiing and it is no wonder, because it is an important mountain resort. You can find it in the Giant Mountains, at the foot of the Devil's Mountain in the valley of the river Mumlava. In winter,…

High bike - Giant Mountains

The fourth highest peak of the Giant Mountains is Vysoké kolo with an altitude of 1509 meters. It is also the largest rubble field in the entire Giant Mountains and the peak itself is formed by a rocky sea and separate rocks, only sparsely covered…

Lookout tower on Černá Hora near Jánské lázně

We invite you to the foot of Montenegro, to visit the local lookout tower! You can take it by cable car and after climbing a few dozen stairs you will be rewarded with a magical view!

Mumlava waterfalls

Do you admire the beauty and wildness of the unfettered water that rushes down from the rocks and creates an amazing scenery? Such a performance, complemented by the beauty and purity of the surrounding nature, will offer you some of the largest and most…

Rozhledna na Zlaté vyhlídce u Janských lázní

The "Golden Lookout Tower" will definitely impress you not only with its name. From the local lookout tower there is a magical view of the surrounding landscape. Take a trip and visit it too!


The altitude of 1,602 m makes Sněžka the highest mountain in the Giant Mountains and at the same time in the whole of the Czech Republic. In addition, Sněžka is also one of the most popular peaks in our country and a great lookout point, offering magical…

Studniční mountain - Giant Mountains

It belongs to the most beautiful mountains of the Bohemian Ridge and the Giant Mountains, its altitude is 1554 meters and is called Studniční mountain, German Steinboden. It is the third highest mountain not only in the Giant Mountains, but also in…

Vrchlabi Chateau

Right in the heart of the town of Vrchlabí, near the square, we find a charming Renaissance chateau, set in the chateau park, adorned with artificial lakes. It is undoubtedly worth mentioning not only its history and architecture, but also the fact…

Žalý lookout tower in the Giant Mountains

Let yourself be seduced by the view of the mountain peaks from a height of almost seventeen meters and visit the Žalý lookout tower! Disappointment is definitely not waiting for you.