Harrachov - not just a winter resort

The city of Harrachov has most people associated with skiing and it is no wonder, because it is an important mountain resort. You can find it in the Giant Mountains, at the foot of the Devil's Mountain in the valley of the river Mumlava. In winter, you can go skiing or look at the daredevils jumping on the famous ski jumps. But a visit to any other season will convince you that Harrachov is not just about snow and skiing.

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GPS: 50.77215750, 15.43105780
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Interesting facts Harrachov - not just a winter resort

The village on the site of today's Harrachov was founded in the 17th century, in the 18th century it was renamed after the owners of the local estate Harrachov. Until 1946, the glassworks also belonged to this family, which was founded in the village in 1712 and is thus the second oldest glassworks in the Czech Republic. However, glass production in the area has an even longer tradition dating back to the 14th century. You can see the operation of the glassworks and the creation of beautiful creations from beginning to end with your own eyes. In the glassworks there is the possibility of an excursion with a guide who will guide you through the entire operation and give you an interesting explanation. For great interest, however, it is good to arrange a tour in advance by phone or e-mail. There is also a Museum of Glass and a mini-brewery in the complex, where you can refresh yourself and watch the glass production through a glass wall. Another interesting museum in the same building is the Ski Museum. As the name suggests, you will find mainly skis and everything related to this sport.

An interesting monument of the city is the chapel of St. Elizabeth. In addition to its beautiful neo-Gothic appearance and decorated stained glass windows, it also offers one rarity. A unique fully functional glass bell rings in its bell tower on special occasions. The casting was in the glassworks in 1916, measuring 50 cm and weighing 10 kg. His heart is made of wood and covered with leather so that the bell is not damaged.
If you go for a walk in nature, you can head to the Devil's Mountain, where there are ski jumps, which made the city famous in the world. Winter sports began to be practiced in Harrachov immediately after the end of the 19th century, Count Harrach brought the first skis to Bohemia. The first ski jumps were built here in 1920, the most famous mammoth bridge K-185 was built in 1980. You can also take the cable car to Čertova hora if you do not want to walk uphill.

An interesting attraction for those who would like to enjoy a little adrenaline is the bobsled track. Adults and children from the age of two can ride bobsleighs in a metal trough up to 1000 m long. The area also includes a rope park.

Thanks to its location in a beautiful landscape and a large number of accommodation and catering facilities, Harrachov can not only be the destination of a trip, but also the starting point for a longer holiday in the Giant Mountains. In the vicinity you will find, for example, the beautiful Mumlavské waterfalls, the highest waterfall in the Czech Republic, Pančavský waterfall or Bozkovské dolomite caves.

Author: Martina Limbergová

Photo author: Monika Pelcová