Výlety mountains and peaks to the Giant Mountains

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Boiler - Giant Mountains

Reportedly, one of the most beautiful mountains of our highest mountain range, the Giant Mountains, has an altitude of 1435 m and is located in their western part, in the district of Semily. It is called Kotel, German Kesselkoppe, and in the past it was…

Giant Mountains - mountains

The highest mountains of the whole Czech Republic are the Giant Mountains, of the twenty highest peaks in the Czech Republic, fifteen are located right here. The Giant Mountains are located in northern Bohemia and offer their visitors great conditions for…

High bike - Giant Mountains

The fourth highest peak of the Giant Mountains is Vysoké kolo with an altitude of 1509 meters. It is also the largest rubble field in the entire Giant Mountains and the peak itself is formed by a rocky sea and separate rocks, only sparsely covered…


The altitude of 1,602 m makes Sněžka the highest mountain in the Giant Mountains and at the same time in the whole of the Czech Republic. In addition, Sněžka is also one of the most popular peaks in our country and a great lookout point, offering magical…

Studniční mountain - Giant Mountains

It belongs to the most beautiful mountains of the Bohemian Ridge and the Giant Mountains, its altitude is 1554 meters and is called Studniční mountain, German Steinboden. It is the third highest mountain not only in the Giant Mountains, but also in…