Studniční mountain - Giant Mountains

It belongs to the most beautiful mountains of the Bohemian Ridge and the Giant Mountains, its altitude is 1554 meters and is called Studniční mountain, German Steinboden. It is the third highest mountain not only in the Giant Mountains, but also in the Czech Republic and it is an extremely photogenic and distinctive place.

Information for visitors

Adress: Studniční hora, Pec pod Sněžkou
GPS: 50.72688580, 15.70610280
Studniční mountain - Giant Mountains map

Interesting facts Studniční mountain - Giant Mountains

There is a fairytale view from the top of Studniční hora, however, it falls into the 1st zone of the Krkonoše National Park, and therefore access to the top is prohibited. The closest you can get to Studniční hora is about one kilometer from the west side of the Blue Saddle, which is the highest saddle in our country and reaches an altitude of 1509 meters. On the way to Studniční hora, a number of First Republic fortress buildings, the so-called řopíky, lead.

At the flat top of Studniční hora there is a rocky sea, created by the process of frost weathering. On the slopes and the peak there are conifers, mountain meadows, peat bogs and wetlands. The main ridge separates the Úpské rašeliniště from the Studniční mountain, where the source of the Bílý Labe and Úpa is located. To the west is Obří důl and Luční hora. The eastern and south-eastern slopes of the Studniční Mountains are covered with snow overhangs with glacial karsts during the winter.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová