Výlety mountains and peaks Prachatice

Boubín - Šumava

This rounded cumulus peak, rising to an altitude of 1362 meters, is located in the area of ​​the Boubínský prales National Nature Reserve, to the east of the village of Kubova Huť. Within the Czech Šumava, this is the fifth highest…

Libín - Šumava foothills

The peak, arching about 4 km south of Prachatice and forming a dominant feature not only of the city but also its surroundings, is called Libín and with its altitude of 1093 m is also the highest point of the Šumava foothills. The ridge of…

Sheet metal

The highest point of the Czech Šumava region is considered to be the Plechý peak with its 1,378 meters above sea level. In some cases, it encourages more demanding, but very attractive trips around Plešné Lake, with a reward in…

Šumava - mountains

Where do you find so many destinations for trips throughout the year and so many natural beauties that you won't know where to go sooner? In the beautiful and vast Šumava Mountains, located in the southwest of the Czech Republic near the…