Libín - Šumava foothills

The peak, arching about 4 km south of Prachatice and forming a dominant feature not only of the city but also its surroundings, is called Libín and with its altitude of 1093 m is also the highest point of the Šumava foothills. The ridge of the top itself has an asymmetrical shape and is formed by gneiss and pararula. In 1883, a lookout tower with a total height of 27 m was built here, which you can still find at the top of Libín together with a tourist cottage. The top and the lookout of the lookout tower offer a wonderful view of the Písek region, the Šumava Mountains, the Temelín power plant, and you can even see the Alps with good visibility. The slopes of Libín from the north side fall under the Libín nature reserve.

Information for visitors

Adress: Libín, Prachatice
GPS: 48.97832890, 14.01212500
Libín - Šumava foothills map

Interesting facts Libín - Šumava foothills

If you go to Libín by car, you will get the farthest to the parking lot in Sedelka and then you have to walk, although the asphalt road leads to the top. An easier tourist route to Libín leads from Libínský Sedlo, a settlement approximately 2 km away from the top. Another tourist marked trail leads directly from the center of Prachatice and is about 6 km long.

The ceremonial opening of the local lookout tower, which was founded by the Šumava Tourists' Club, was set for 16 September 1883. In 1935, the Czech Tourists Club took over the administration of the lookout tower and during the Second World War the lookout tower served the needs of the army. The Libín lookout tower was reconstructed in 1994.

An interesting, although difficult to access place around Libín, is the Poustevná cave. It is a cave complex, located just a short distance from the town of Prachatice on the slope of the Výrovce peak near the Husinecká dam. At present, the entire cave underground complex is free to visit.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová