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The highest point of the Czech Šumava region is considered to be the Plechý peak with its 1,378 meters above sea level. In some cases, it encourages more demanding, but very attractive trips around Plešné Lake, with a reward in the form of a view of its surface, lying directly below the peak and even the Alps.

Information for visitors

Adress: Plechý, Nová Pec
GPS: 48.77138970, 13.85683830
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It was the shiny surface of Lake Plešné that probably gave its name to the summit itself, derived from the German word Plöckenstein, or shiny rock.

You can ascend to the top from both the Czech and Austrian sides, for example from Nová Pec or Nové Údolí or on the way around the monument to Adalbert Stifter, a poet and writer whose birthplace was the nearby Horní Planá. The monument was built in places where the writer liked to observe the surrounding landscape. The peak itself is formed by a natural set of granite rocks and a wooded ridge, from where there is almost no view due to the trees. The state border is about 2.5 km away and the road leads to a relatively steep route, from which you can see, among other things, Lipno.

A popular tourist destination around the Plechý peak is the so-called rocky sea - the glacial karst of Plešné Lake, mostly with mountain spruces, cranes and maple-covered walls. This interesting geomorphological formation is one of the most valuable in this nature reserve. It is also worth mentioning the large moraine, created by boulders, cracked under the influence of frost weathering.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová