Šumava - mountains

Where do you find so many destinations for trips throughout the year and so many natural beauties that you won't know where to go sooner? In the beautiful and vast Šumava Mountains, located in the southwest of the Czech Republic near the borders with Austria and German Bavaria. Šumava will undoubtedly conquer you and no wonder, it is really magical. After all, it is also sometimes called the "green roof of Europe".

Information for visitors

Adress: Šumava, Česko
GPS: 48.95335080, 13.71747890
Šumava - mountains map

Interesting facts Šumava - mountains

The most valuable part of Šumava is protected by a national park. The Šumava National Park is the largest in our country, its area covers over 68,000 hectares and in this area you will find mountain meadows, spruce and beech forests, moors, peat bogs, glacial lakes and other natural attractions. A unique reservation in the heart of Šumava is the Boubín Forest, where you will see the untouched form of the original forest-like vegetation, which is very rare today. Take a walk through this unique corner of untamed nature and take a good look around. The largest complex of highland peat bogs in Šumava is called Modravské slatě, but due to the protection of unique and very rare plants and animals occurring here, it is not possible to visit them directly. Nevertheless, even a distant view of their plains is worth it. You can get an exact picture of what peat bogs are, on the edge of this area where Tříjezerní slať is located. An interesting nature trail leads through this peat bog.

The highest point of Šumava is the Plechý peak, which reaches a height of 1378 m above sea level. During the hike it will give you a beautiful view from above of Plešné Lake, which lies directly below the peak, as well as the whole wide area, including the more distant Alps. This lake is one of the five glacial lakes in the Czech Republic, all located in Šumava. The largest of them is the Black Lake, which is located 6 kilometers from Železná Ruda. Just a short distance from it is Lake Čertovo and together they form a national natural monument. If you are not far from Železná Ruda, take the time to tour this city, which is an important center of winter sports, and visit the interesting Moto Museum Železná Ruda, which can be found in the building of the former castle. A similar Moto Museum can be found in the nearby Kašperské Hory. These museums belong together with the branch in Bečov nad Teplou, and it is in Kašperské Hory that the largest part of the collections is located.

Probably the most visited place in the Šumava is the Lipno dam on the southeastern edge of the mountains. It is the largest reservoir and the largest body of water in our country and every year attracts thousands of tourists to spend summer and winter holidays. It offers sports activities throughout the year, relaxation in beautiful nature and many destinations for trips in its vicinity. Great accommodation and entertainment options can be found mainly around the towns of Frymburk and Lipno nad Vltavou. In winter, Foxpark na Lipně, a children's ski playground located in the Lipno Kramolín Ski Area, is a popular place for families with children. A very interesting Treetop Trail was also built on the Kramolín hill, which is definitely worth a visit. The whole trail is barrier-free and is really suitable for everyone. Its highest vantage point can be found at a height of 40 meters above the ground on the lookout tower, which is part of the trail. In the palm of your hand, you will have the Lipno Dam and the beautiful forests around it and the entire Šumava Mountains.

If you prefer to visit monuments created by human hands, you can still enjoy yourself in the vicinity. For example, not far from the Lipno dam are the ruins of the highest Czech castle Vítkův kámen, which also serves as a lookout tower. Rožmberk Castle has preserved its original beauty, where in addition to classic tours, you can also take an interesting evening tour, during which you will be guided by members of the Rožmberk family. The monks will take you again to the popular and historically very valuable monastery in Vyšší Brod. From here it is only a short distance to Český Krumlov, one of the most beautiful Czech towns. However, in the whole foothills of the Šumava there are many interesting cities that you can see.

Šumava and especially its central part is the best preserved example of wildlife that we can see in our country. At the same time, it provides its visitors with all the comfort for a perfectly spent holiday, whether in summer by the water or in winter on skis. Anyone who visits the beautiful and unfettered Šumava once will surely be happy to return.