Výlety mountains and peaks North Moravia

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Jeseníky Mountains - mountains

The Jeseníky Mountains, including their foothills, are the largest Moravian-Silesian mountain range and, for many, also the most beautiful in the entire Czech Republic. If you want to be enchanted by the pure and relatively untouched nature and at…

Velká Čantoryje

To the highest mountain of the Silesian Beskydy, rising to an altitude of 995 m, you would have to go to the Czech-Polish border, to a place about 10 km from Těšín to the east. One of the routes that leads here, starts in Nýdek, is…

Velký Roudný - Nízký Jeseník

Velký Roudný - this is the name of the highest volcano in the Low Jeseník, which together with the Malý Roudný hill forms the dominant feature of the local region. The last time the volcano was active at the beginning of…