Jeseníky Mountains - mountains

The Jeseníky Mountains, including their foothills, are the largest Moravian-Silesian mountain range and, for many, also the most beautiful in the entire Czech Republic. If you want to be enchanted by the pure and relatively untouched nature and at the same time have all the tourist facilities, this place is ideal for you. The Jeseníky Mountains offer its visitors an inexhaustible number of beautiful natural scenery, interesting places, towns and monuments as well as renowned winter sports centers, just everything for a perfect summer and winter holiday.

Jeseníky Mountains - mountains Jeseníky Mountains - mountains Jeseníky Mountains - mountains Jeseníky Mountains - mountains

Information for visitors

Adress: Hrubý a Nízký Jeseník, Česko
GPS: 49.82214140, 17.60569500
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Interesting facts Jeseníky Mountains - mountains

The core of the Jesenice area is Hrubý Jeseník with the highest mountain in Moravia, Praděd (1492 m above sea level). Praděd peak is the center of the whole mountain range and three massive mountain ridges then run from it. With its height and beauty, it is quite similar to the Králický Sněžník mountain range, which continues across the border to Poland. Its highest peak is also called Králický Sněžník and reaches a height of 1422 m above sea level. Like Praděd, it is also a popular excursion destination. The state border also runs through the Rychlebské Mountains. These are on average about 300 meters lower than their previous neighbors, but they boast probably the best preserved landscape, because they are the least affected by tourism. Hrubý Jeseník and its surroundings are included in the protected landscape area of ​​the Jeseníky Mountains, which covers an area of ​​744 km2 and the reason for protection is mainly botanically very rich mountain meadows and peat bogs. As far as tourism is concerned, the entire Jesenice area is interwoven with a dense network of marked hiking and cycling trails, and in winter also cross-country trails. Everyone can choose the destination of the trips and the route to them at will. The offer of accommodation of all categories is also extensive and will surely satisfy everyone.

The largest towns in the Jeseníky Mountains are Šumperk, Bruntál, Krnov and Jeseník. It is in the part of the town of Jeseník that there is one of the most famous spas in our country - Priessnitz Spa, the cradle of hydrotherapy used today in the world. The Karlova Studánka spa is a beautiful place with typical spa architecture and atmosphere. It lies just below the top of Praděd and its surroundings are also charming. Whoever comes here should breathe deeply, because this is where the cleanest air in Central Europe is. However, there are at least dozens of interesting tourist destinations in this region. One of the most visited is the Dlouhé stráně pumped storage hydroelectric power plant. The reservoir at the top of the hill, not far from the village of Loučná nad Desnou, became one of the seven wonders of the Czech Republic a few years ago, and every visitor will surely understand why.

Among the most important natural attractions here are the Moss Lakes on Rejvíz. It is the largest peat bog in Moravia consisting of two lakes. The larger of them is accessible, which you can reach comfortably along the attic sidewalk, part of the Rejvíz nature trail. The beauty of the surrounding nature is definitely worth such a walk. Another interesting work of nature is, for example, the Na Špičáku cave, which can be found north of the town of Jeseník, or the Na Pomezí cave excavated in the marble subsoil a short distance from Lipová-Lázně.

If you prefer historical monuments, you will certainly enjoy yourself here. One of the most popular destinations for trips is Sovinec Castle, standing on a rocky promontory in the mountain valley of the Low Jeseník. The castle is constantly being gradually reconstructed and in addition to tours, various cultural events take place here throughout the season. In the southern part of the Jesenice region, the Úsov chateau is an important place. This originally Gothic royal castle above the town of Šumperk, later rebuilt into a chateau, attracts not only interior tours, but also the collections of the hunting and forestry museum. We must certainly not forget the Jánský Vrch chateau, which forms the dominant feature of the town's monument zone of the town of Javorník, or the Bruntál chateau, which has a very untraditional layout in the form of a circular section. Very large is also a large park with salla terrain, surrounding the Bruntál castle. One of the most important places among the historical monuments of Jesenice is the building of the former water fortress in Jeseník, where the Museum of National History is located today. The water fortress is a beautiful example of advanced medieval architecture.

Undoubtedly the best way to enjoy the beauty and vastness of the Jeseníky Mountains is from the tops of the mountains and also the lookout towers, of which you will find many, such as Zlatý Chlum, Háj u Šumperka, rock views in Rabštejn, Venus's bowl or the oldest lookout tower in Jeseníky on Biskupská Kupa. Views of the wide surroundings of the rolling landscape of the mountains and towering mountain peaks, the wooded hillside and the towns and towns in the valleys and all the beauty around you will conquer you.

The Jeseníky Mountains combine an ideal place for trips and relaxation. Experience the beauty of this corner of the Czech Republic and you will certainly not regret it.