Velká Čantoryje

To the highest mountain of the Silesian Beskydy, rising to an altitude of 995 m, you would have to go to the Czech-Polish border, to a place about 10 km from Těšín to the east. One of the routes that leads here, starts in Nýdek, is about 5 km long and leads you directly to the lookout tower at the top of Velká Čantoryja.

Information for visitors

Adress: Velká Čantoryje, Visla
GPS: 49.67871610, 18.80422610
Velká Čantoryje map

Interesting facts Velká Čantoryje

It is the easternmost lookout tower, a roofed building with a total height of 29 m. The ground floor is made of stone and the rest of the structure consists of galvanized steel with five floors with viewing platforms. A total of 118 steps lead to the top, after which you will have a magical view of the area of ​​Poland, Slovakia and, of course, the Czech Republic, where the Jeseníky, Javorníky or Beskydy mountains are in sight. In the direction of Slovakia you can see the Tatras and the Little Fatra, in Poland then the Silesian Beskydy.

In addition to the lookout tower, there is also a tourist cottage, built in 1904, from where there is a nice view of the Vistula River and its valley. The northwestern slopes of the peak are occupied by the Čantoria National Nature Reserve with a total area of ​​39.45 ha, in which you can see, for example, old maples or a rare yew tree.

Probably the easiest way to the top of Velká Čantoryje ascends from the mentioned Nýdek, from where you can also go on the Rytířská nature trail. A nice route also leads from the Polish town of Ustroń, where the spa is located, and from where it leads to the top of the cable car. There is no border crossing on Velká Čantoryja, so tourists can only use the marked ridge route here. Only pedestrian paths lead directly to the top, cars are not allowed to enter here.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová