Velký Roudný - Nízký Jeseník

Velký Roudný - this is the name of the highest volcano in the Low Jeseník, which together with the Malý Roudný hill forms the dominant feature of the local region. The last time the volcano was active at the beginning of the Quaternary and in recent years was visited mainly by lovers of extinct volcanoes and natural beauties of this area, but after building a lookout tower on its top, everyone who wants to enjoy the view of the Slezská Harta dam, the highest Moravian peak Praděd and almost the whole Jeseníky Mountains, which can only be seen from here in good weather.

Information for visitors

Adress: Velký Roudný, Roudno
GPS: 49.89129690, 17.52278610
Velký Roudný - Nízký Jeseník map

Interesting facts Velký Roudný - Nízký Jeseník

Up to an altitude of 780 meters, Velký Roudný rises near the village of Roudno and a few kilometers from the district town of Bruntál. The surrounding landscape is flatter and even more so Velký Roudný rises above it. In 1966, the former volcano was inscribed on the list of national natural monuments and in its kind, Velký Roudný is one of the best-preserved hills.

In the forest immediately below the peak there is a special natural formation, the so-called Devil's Stone. It is a broken boulder made of volcanic rock with a depression of a specific shape, reminiscent of imprinted human footprints. According to legend, it was left here by God himself, who wrestled with Lucifer at this place, over which he won, threw Lucifer into the ground, and after him all the other devils, who until then had occupied the Great Roudny, jumped. Towards the northwest of the summit, it is possible to find a buried hole into which the devils jumped. In the left part of the Devil's Stone there are visible scratches, which are said to remain here after the devil's claws. However, according to scientists, it is the imprint of a volcanic bomb that broke a stone.

Since 2007, a wooden lookout tower with six floors and a height of 20 meters has stood on the top of Velký Roudný, but it is often exceeded by spruces, which obstruct the view.

During the journey to the top, it is possible to visit the pilgrimage chapel from 1933, to which the Stations of the Cross leads from Roudno. The ruins of a picnic pub, which stood here years ago, have been preserved in its vicinity to this day.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová