Výlety mountains and peaks Rychnov nad Kněžnou

Eagle mountains - mountains

The Eagle Mountains, which lie in the northeast of Bohemia on the border with Poland, are not large in size or altitude, which averages less than 800 meters. Nevertheless, there are many beautiful places worth visiting.

Šerlich - Eagle Mountains

The top of Šerlich is one of our "thousands". It reaches an altitude of 1,027 meters, can be found in the Eagle Mountains and is a relatively popular and visited place for tourists. The main attraction here is Masaryk's cottage from…

Velká Deštná

The highest peak of the Orlické Mountains, Velká Deštná, rises to an altitude of 1,115 meters and can be found approximately 3 km east of Deštné in the Orlické Mountains. The most comfortable path here…