Šerlich - Eagle Mountains

The top of Šerlich is one of our "thousands". It reaches an altitude of 1,027 meters, can be found in the Eagle Mountains and is a relatively popular and visited place for tourists. The main attraction here is Masaryk's cottage from 1925 and Jirásek's path, which leads over the top and is the main ridge route in the Eagle Mountains.


Information for visitors

Adress: Šerlich, Deštné v Orlických horách
GPS: 50.33032810, 16.38174890
Šerlich - Eagle Mountains map

Interesting facts Šerlich - Eagle Mountains

Sherlich is a stone's throw from the border with Poland. Masaryk's cottage is only 600 meters from the top. Approximately half a kilometer southeast of the top of Šerlich you will find a smaller ridge, which was called Šerlich - SE peak by the authors of the project Thousands of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. It is situated at an altitude of 1,019 meters.

From the top of Šerlich, tourists have a magical view of the Eagle Mountains and their other peaks, the Bystřické Mountains and, if there is good visibility, the Králický Sněžník.

Thanks to its location and accessibility, Šerlich is an ideal starting point for other interesting places in the Eagle Mountains. From here it is possible to go to Bukačka, to Vrchmezí or, for example, to Velká Deštná or to Šerlišský mlýn.

The settlement of Šerlich

The settlement of Šerlich used to stand here, which was established sometime during the 17th century due to colonization. In 1844, archival sources speak of ten timbered cottages belonging to Sedloňov. There used to be two schools here: in one, located in the house no. 318 was taught during the winter and in Deštná children went to school in the summer.

People used to work a lot here as lumberjacks, weavers, herders or coal miners, but they often also smuggled kerosene or textiles here.

Masaryk's cottage

Masarykova Chata na Šerlichu has been standing since 1925, when it was built here by the Czech Tourists Club Hradec Králové. The author of the project was the architect Bohuslav Fuchs.

In 1935, a meteorological station was built on the top of Šerlich and a bust of T. G. Masaryk, whose author was Leoš Kubíček, was ceremoniously unveiled.

On September 21, 1938, Masaryk's cottage was attacked by the Nazis, who also tried to burn it down, fortunately without success. During the Second World War, the cottage served the fascists and their families, who were housed here and was also used as a recovery center for wounded pilots and a Hitler Youth Center. Masaryk's cottage was liberated in 1945.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová