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The Eagle Mountains, which lie in the northeast of Bohemia on the border with Poland, are not large in size or altitude, which averages less than 800 meters. Nevertheless, there are many beautiful places worth visiting.

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Adress: Orlické hory, Česko
GPS: 50.16029810, 16.53674420
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Interesting facts Eagle mountains - mountains

The Eagle Mountains are declared a protected landscape area with an area of ​​204 km2. They got their name from the wild river Orlice, which flows through them on the Czech-Polish border. In the Orlické Mountains you will find a total of 11,000 peaks, although most of them reach just a little above this limit. The highest peak with a height of 1115 meters is Velká Deštná. Unfortunately, there is no longer a lookout tower on its top, as it had to be demolished a few years ago due to its poor condition, yet there is a beautiful circular view of the whole area. You will see Broumovsko, Rychnovsko, Králický Sněžník and in good weather also Jeseníky and Krkonoše. However, you can find the lookout tower on Annenský vrch, another important peak of the Orlické Mountains. Although it is not one of the thousands, it is very popular with tourists for its picturesqueness. In addition to the lookout tower, there are also two infantry cabins of the Czechoslovak fortifications from 1937. The Šerlich hill, on which you will find Masaryk's cottage built in 1925, is also important for tourists. Despite this peak, Jirásek's path leads - an important marked tourist route through the ridge of the Orlické Mountains, the oldest marked path here. Its length is 170 km, starting in Broumov and ending in Litomyšl.

The most important center of tourism and winter ski resort is the village of Deštné in the Eagle Mountains, located in the district of Rychnov nad Kněžnou. Deštné in the Orlické Mountains is in itself a small village, but there are a number of accommodation facilities and several ski resorts. There is much more to see in Rychnov nad Kněžnou. The entire historic city center is a city monument zone. There is also an early Baroque chateau, which has had only one owner since its foundation in the 17th century, the Kolowrat family, until part of the last century, when the chateau was confiscated by the state. The chateau also houses the Museum and Gallery of the Eagle Mountains. Another monument can be found relatively nearby and it is the castle Litice. The extensive castle grounds offer a lot of interesting things and you should not miss the castle tower, from which there is a very nice view of the surrounding countryside. And you are already close to another monument, one of the largest castle ruins in our country. The original Gothic castle Potštejn has changed many owners during its history, it was often rebuilt, expanded and abandoned, until today it is this very interesting ruin, which you should visit if you find yourself nearby. Again, you can visit the ruins of the castle, two in the northern part of the foothills of the Eagle Mountains.

The first of them is the former Frymburk castle, of which its massive tower is the best preserved. The second is the ruins of the Výrov castle, of which even less is left, in fact only relatively high walls built into a square. Nevertheless, it is worth going to the ruins, just for the view from Juránek's viewpoint, from which you will have Nové Město nad Metují in the palm of your hand, headed by its castle. This baroque chateau standing on a rocky promontory offers two sightseeing tours as well as the chateau garden and tower. Not only is the castle worth a visit here, but you will also find many beautiful buildings on the square, but the whole center is also a city monument zone. The area is probably the most popular place for trips to the Peklo nature reserve, where the Metuje river has created a 10 km long canyon. Just around the riverbed are the most romantic places in the valley. All gentlemen and boys, but certainly not only them, could be interested in a visit to the Dobrošov fortress system. This complex of three never-complete unfinished fortresses from the period before the Second World War is a reminder of a sad part of our history.

The preserved landscape of the Eagle Mountains ridge and the picturesque foothills will enchant most visitors so much that these places will become one of their favorites. No wonder, it's really beautiful here. Every season has its advantages here, it only depends on you when you decide to explore this small but beautiful mountain range.