Výlety mountains and peaks Zlínský kraj

Devil's Mill Beskydy

Čertův mlýn is a wooded peak, located at an altitude of 1,207 meters between Pustevny and Kněhyní. It is a great example of starting and dismantling blocks of Godul sandstones. The hill of Čertova mlýna is the highest point of the Zl…


With its thousands of twenty-four meters above sea level, the Vysoká mountain is the highest peak of the Hostýnsko - Vsetínské hornatina (or also of the Vsetínské vrchy), but the adjective "high" may be…

Little Maple

Malý Javorník is the highest point in the Czech part of Javorníky and with its 1,021 meters above sea level. is also the only "thousand" in the Czech area of ​​this mountain range. We are talking about the Czech area here,…

Pustevny - Beskydy

The place between the two mountains is called a mountain saddle. Its two opposite sides always rise to the tops of the mountains and the other two descend to the valley. You can find just one such saddle in the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains below…

Radegast - Beskydy

The mountain called Radegast is one of the most famous peaks in the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy. It is located about 2.5 km southeast of Radhoště and about a kilometer southwest of Pusteven.

Solan - Beskydy

At a distance of about 10 km in the direction southeast of Rožnov pod Radhoštěm we find Soláň, a hill reaching a height of 861 m.n.m. and extending in the Hostýnsko-vsetínská hornatina.

Velká Javořina

The White Carpathians occupy the westernmost section of the Carpathian mountain system, more specifically at the borders of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, they are divided into several inner territories and their highest peak, with an altitude of 970 m,…

Velký Lopeník - White Carpathians

It is located near the Czech-Slovak border, reaching a height of 911 meters above sea level. and it is a peak in the White Carpathians - Velký Lopeník, the highest peak of the Lopenin Mountains and the second highest peak of the White…