Velký Lopeník - White Carpathians

It is located near the Czech-Slovak border, reaching a height of 911 meters above sea level. and it is a peak in the White Carpathians - Velký Lopeník, the highest peak of the Lopenin Mountains and the second highest peak of the White Carpathians is approximately 10 km away from Uherský Brod and lies in the distinctive folklore region Moravské Kopanice, near the village Lopeník.

Information for visitors

Adress: Velký Lopeník, Lopeník
GPS: 48.91683610, 17.78271280
Velký Lopeník - White Carpathians map

Interesting facts Velký Lopeník - White Carpathians

The slopes of Velký Lopeník are mostly overgrown with beeches, oaks and maples, sometimes spruce. The peak itself is then deforested and there are pastures and especially a lookout tower, which is to symbolize the friendship of Czechs and Slovaks.

The first lookout tower on Velký Lopeník was built before the Second World War and was constructed of wood. In 1944, it was replaced by a new tower with a viewpoint with a total height of 16 m, but two years after its opening, it was destroyed by fire. However, the new lookout tower did not take long. It was built almost soon after the fire, creating a new lookout tower, almost similar to the previous one. Tourists lost one of the most beautiful views less than thirty years later, in 1972, when the condition of the lookout tower was so bad that it had to be dismantled.

The foundation stone for the construction of a new lookout tower was laid on June 23, 2002, but construction did not begin until 2004. The grand opening took place a year later, and the lookout tower still serves tourists. Its total height is 22 m and is only 3 km from the state border.

From the lookout platform of the lookout tower, visitors have a magical view of, for example, Studený vrch nad Březovou, Mikulčin vrch or Velká Javorina.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová