Velká Javořina

The White Carpathians occupy the westernmost section of the Carpathian mountain system, more specifically at the borders of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, they are divided into several inner territories and their highest peak, with an altitude of 970 m, is Velká Javořina.

Information for visitors

Adress: Velká Javořina, Lubina
GPS: 48.85792500, 17.67534750
Velká Javořina map

Interesting facts Velká Javořina

Thanks to its location on the border of two states, the Czech and Slovak Republics, this peak is very often the place where Czechs and Slovaks meet, since the 19th century. In 1990, a monument to reciprocity was unveiled in Velká Javořina, which was undertaken by the governments of both states. During the summer, folklore festivities have been held at the top since this important event, and on the last Sunday in July, the Celebrations of the Brotherhood of Slovaks and Czechs are always set.

An important point near the top is Holuby's cottage, built in 1924, named after the evangelical pastor and botanist Josef Ľudovít Holuby and serving mainly skiers.

The dominant feature of the Velká Javořina peak is the 135 m high transmitter. In 2008, a forest was declared here and the area is also a National Nature Reserve. Thanks to the decree related to the forest, it is currently forbidden to carry out any interventions in the forest stands, of which beech, ash and maple predominate.

There are several hiking trails to Velká Javořina, with the shortest leading from Květná, a small border village. The Javořinská nature trail with fourteen information panels, 23 km long, is also interesting.

In the vicinity of Velká Javořina there are other peaks that are worth a hike, such as Velký Lopeník, Chmelová or Bradlová.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová