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Malý Javorník is the highest point in the Czech part of Javorníky and with its 1,021 meters above sea level. is also the only "thousand" in the Czech area of ​​this mountain range. We are talking about the Czech area here, of course, because Javorníky is also located in Slovakia, where the highest peak of the whole mountain range, Velký Javorník, measures 1,071 m above sea level, while the other "thousands" of Javorníky are located (except the Czech Malý Javorník) all on the Slovak side. As for the Czech Malý Javorník, in some cases it is possible to meet the simple name Javorník.

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Adress: Malý Javorník, Svätý Jur
GPS: 49.30631940, 18.30313420
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In both cases, however, it is one and the same peak of a cumulus shape set in the Javornický ridge, just a few kilometers from the border with Slovakia. The hike to Malý Javorník is very often taken by tourists from Velké Karlovice, about 7 km away, or from Kohútka or Kasárna. The 25 km long nature trail Javorníky - Družba passes through the peak.

Both during the hike to the top, as well as from the top itself, which is currently deforested, there are nice views of the surroundings. Today, the Adamkov nature reserve is located on the southern slope of Malý Javorník, and there is a shelter right at the top.

In the vicinity of Malý Javorník, the Wallachian village of Velké Karlovice, founded in 1714, is definitely worth mentioning and visiting, where a number of timbered buildings have been preserved to this day. Beautiful views await you in the recreational area Kohútka - Portáš, a kind of crossroads of hiking trails. The Slovak peak Stratenec is also interesting, where today there is a memorial commemorating the fighting from the end of the Second World War.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová