With its thousands of twenty-four meters above sea level, the Vysoká mountain is the highest peak of the Hostýnsko - Vsetínské hornatina (or also of the Vsetínské vrchy), but the adjective "high" may be debatable at this very peak. It is surpassed, for example, by its namesake from Novohradské, although only by ten meters, but in comparison with Vysoká in the High Tatras (2,560 m above sea level), the described peak is not even half. Even so, it is definitely not a low peak and boldly ranks among our "thousands".

Information for visitors

Adress: Vysoká, Velké Karlovice
GPS: 49.40396310, 18.36094190
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You would find a high one on the Soláň ridge between the Solán saddle and the Bumbálka saddle, approximately 6 km southeast of the village of Horní Bečva. You can go on an easier route to Vysoká from Třeštík. It is about 2 km long and you can park your car on site. An interesting place in the area is the covered spring of Rožnovská Bečva, which is located at an altitude of 940 m and a narrow path leads to it.

Part of the peak is forested, and therefore the view of the surroundings is somewhat limited, however, you can see Hradisko and Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Javorníky, Mala Fatra and from some places also Lysá hora, Smrk or Kněhyně. At the very top of Vysoká there is a simple shelter with an information board.

An interesting tip for a trip around Vysoká is the Súkenická lookout tower, located near the hotel of the same name, which can be reached from Bumbálka.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová