Velká Deštná

The highest peak of the Orlické Mountains, Velká Deštná, rises to an altitude of 1,115 meters and can be found approximately 3 km east of Deštné in the Orlické Mountains. The most comfortable path here leads to Jirásek's mountain path from Šerlich, but for those who are definitely not satisfied with a small elevation gain, there is a steeper path leading from Bedřichovka through Luisino Údolí.

Information for visitors

Adress: Velká Deštná, Deštné v Orlických horách
GPS: 50.30130750, 16.39766030
Velká Deštná map

Interesting facts Velká Deštná

Until a few years ago, Velká Deštná could boast the smallest lookout tower in the Orlické Mountains, only a five-meter-high wooden pyramid-shaped structure. Despite its modest building pattern, however, it provided a magical panoramic view. It stood here between 1992 and 2003, when it had to be demolished due to its dilapidated condition and replaced by a new lookout tower, also wooden. However, even this structure could not withstand the harsh climates that prevail here for a long time, and in 2010 it was torn down again. At present, the top of Velká Deštná is left without a lookout tower.

The circular view from Velká Deštná allows you to see the area of ​​Broumov, Rychnov, Králický Sněžník and in case of favorable visibility also to Jeseníky and Krkonoše.

In the vicinity of Velká Deštná, it is worth visiting the well with cool water, which you will find on the tourist marked path from the top to the Luisa valley, and from which there is a beautiful view of the near and far surroundings. Near the shelter of the mountain service at the tourist crossroads you can see řopík, one of the remains of the fortifications that were built here during the First Republic.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová