Výlety mountains and peaks Český Krumlov


The beauty of the Novohradské Mountains is boldly dominated by the Kamenec peak, their highest point on the Czech side, rising to an altitude of 1072 m. The Kamence hill is formed by a large rock granodiorite wall with a geodetic point, so if you…

Kleť - the highest peak of the Blanský Forest

How did Kleť get its name? The first written mention of the name of this mountain comes from 1263, when it is mentioned as Mons Nakletti. From this document it is deduced from the origin of the name from the Old Czech word klětЬ in the sense of shed,…

Kramolín - Lipno

Kramolín is a Šumava peak, rising to a height of 899 m.n.m. It lies in the area of ​​Lučská hornatina about 2 km north of Lipno nad Vltavou. Above the Lipno reservoir, it rises to a height of about 180 meters.