The beauty of the Novohradské Mountains is boldly dominated by the Kamenec peak, their highest point on the Czech side, rising to an altitude of 1072 m. The Kamence hill is formed by a large rock granodiorite wall with a geodetic point, so if you are going to climb to the very top, a climbing match with these smaller walls awaits you. Unfortunately, the view from Kamenec is considerably limited by spruce stands, however, a walk to this South Bohemian mountain is a pleasant experience in itself. In addition to Kamenec, there is another peak, only a few meters lower, with a total altitude of 1,001 m.

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Adress: Kamenec, Malá Morava
GPS: 48.58356690, 14.67095610
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The state border with Austria is only less than half a kilometer away, and in the vicinity you can visit, for example, the oldest nature reserve in Europe - Žofín Forest, the source of the river Lužnice or Žumperk Fortress or the Gothic castle Nové Hrady. In the direction of the Austrian border, it is possible to see the ruins of a castle and an inn. The simplest and probably the most frequently used road to Kamenec leads from the nearby village of Pohoří na Šumavě along a green marked tourist route.

The unique nature of the Novohradské Mountains, stretching along the Czech-Austrian state border, has retained its virginity mainly due to its location on the former border belt. In 2000, the Novohradské Mountains Nature Park was defined in this area, and in addition you will also find a number of monuments and nature reserves. At a distance of about 1 km north of Kamenec used to be the village of Pavlín with a glassworks, which was later completely forested and its only reminder is the cross, which can be found here to this day.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová