Boubín - Šumava

This rounded cumulus peak, rising to an altitude of 1362 meters, is located in the area of ​​the Boubínský prales National Nature Reserve, to the east of the village of Kubova Huť. Within the Czech Šumava, this is the fifth highest peak with a relatively flat peak, which consists of two peaks. Smaller, northwestern, is a total height of 1353 m.n.m., and higher, southeastern, has a height of 1362 m.n.m. Both peaks are wooded and separated by a smaller saddle.

Information for visitors

Adress: Boubín, Buk
GPS: 48.99125500, 13.81690310
Boubín - Šumava map

Interesting facts Boubín - Šumava

Conquering this famous Czech peak of Šumava belongs almost to tradition. The reward for the effort after the hike will be a beautiful view from the 21 m high wooden lookout tower, thanks to which you can enjoy the view through the wooded vegetation, for example to Vimperk, Boubín ridge, Prachatice and with good visibility to the Alps. The lookout tower was made in 2004 from spruce logs, which were transported to the top by horses or a cable car. A total of 109 steps will take visitors to the viewing platform.

In addition to the lookout tower, there is also a protected trigonometric point of the 1st order at the top of Boubín. The memorial obelisk, bearing the inscription "Kardinal Friedrich Fűrst von Schwarzenberg 3.8.1867" then commemorates the event of a visit to this place by the then Archbishop of Prague.

It is possible to get to the top of Boubín from all over the world, but a nice route leads from Kaplice and Kubova Huta or from Vimperk. The educational trail around the Boubín forest is also interesting. In the area of ​​the southern slope of Boubín, there is the Boubín Lake, which was built here in 1833 as an artificial reservoir.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová