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The highest mountains of the whole Czech Republic are the Giant Mountains, of the twenty highest peaks in the Czech Republic, fifteen are located right here. The Giant Mountains are located in northern Bohemia and offer their visitors great conditions for hiking, winter sports, but also a holiday in a more peaceful spirit. Come and see for yourself that you will definitely not be bored here.

Giant Mountains - mountains Giant Mountains - mountains Giant Mountains - mountains Giant Mountains - mountains

Information for visitors

Adress: Krkonoše, Česko
GPS: 50.69836560, 15.64781360
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Interesting facts Giant Mountains - mountains

The entire 385 km2 mountain range is protected by the Krkonoše National Park, which was declared in 1963. The highest mountain not only in the Krkonoše Mountains, but in the whole of the Czech Republic is Sněžka. It reaches a height of 1602 meters and its top offers magical panoramic views of the surrounding area. It is an important dominant of the eastern part of the Giant Mountains and the Czech-Polish border leads here. There are several buildings on Sněžka, they are the chapel of St. Vavřince from the 17th century, which is the oldest local building, Polská bouda with a meteorological station and also the Czech Post Office, which is the highest post office in our country. Then there is also the upper station of the chairlift, which leads here from Pec pod Sněžkou. In addition to using this cable car, you can also reach the top on one of the many hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing trails. Sněžka is a frequent destination for trips and therefore the network of paths is very wide. Between the foot of Sněžka and Pec pod Sněžkou is a valley called Obří důl. In the past, metal ore mining took place here, which you can see during a tour of the Kovárna Mining Works, but it is necessary to order in advance.

Due to its beauty and picturesqueness, Studniční hora is also a very popular mountain. Its peak reaches a height of 1554 meters, but you will not get there, because it falls into the 1st protection zone of the national park and entry is prohibited. From the west side of the Blue Saddle, however, you can reach a height of 1509 m above sea level, from where you will certainly enjoy the view around you. Similarly, there is another beautiful peak of the Giant Mountains Kotel, which lies on their western edge. The river Elbe springs on the ridge of the Giant Mountains, this place is located on the Elbe meadow and you can visit it. At the crossroads of hiking trails, there is a symbolically arranged place marked as the source of the Elbe at an altitude of 1386 m above sea level, you can relax here on a bench by a stone well ring. These are the largest in the Czech Republic and looking at them is worth any effort. Labský důl is one of the most interesting places in the Giant Mountains. This glacial valley offers amazing scenery that will be deeply etched in your memory.

The larger towns and at the same time the most important tourist centers of the Giant Mountains are Pec pod Sněžkou, Špindlerův Mlýn or Harrachov. In winter, these places are associated with skiing, but they also have something to offer in other seasons. For example, Harrachov offers an interesting history that is worth exploring. In its vicinity there are two places created by nature, which you should not miss. They are the beautiful Mumlava waterfalls, which form the Mumlava river on the edge of the Mumlava mine, and the Bozkov dolomite caves, the only accessible caves in northern Bohemia.

You will definitely like it in Jánské Lázně, where in addition to the Art Nouveau colonnade from 1893, you will also find other nice spa houses or church monuments. From here you can go to Černohorská rašeliniště. This natural phenomenon will captivate you with its beauty and at the same time the rawness of untouched nature.

Lookout towers are also popular with tourists, which allow you to look at the beauty of the surroundings from a bird's eye view. Even in the Giant Mountains you will find quite a few. The most famous are, for example, the Lookout Tower on Hnědý vrch near Pec pod Sněžkou, where you can easily get directly to it by cable car, the Lookout Tower on Černá hora near Jánské Lázně, only about 2 kilometers from Černohorské rašeliniště, or the Lookout Tower Žalý on the southern edge of Krkonoše near Benecko. The east of the mountains borders the town of Žacléř. You can learn all about the history of this picturesque town and its famous personalities in the Žacléř Municipal Museum and you can also visit the local chateau.

The Giant Mountains have several of the best in the Czech mountains, so do not hesitate to visit them. You may also meet the legendary Krakonoš, who allegedly guards these mountains. The high peaks and valleys between them create a landscape so rugged and unique that you will discover a new dimension of this magical scenery with each look around you.