Elbe mine

The Krkonoše National Park offers many beautiful places and one of the most enchanting is without a doubt the Elbe Mine. Every year, many tourists set out on a hiking trail that leads through this valley, admiring the natural scenery and enjoying their beauty. There is still something to discover in this wild valley.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Špindlerův Mlýn
GPS: 50.71035690, 15.58016610
Elbe mine map

Interesting facts Elbe mine

The rocky valley below the source of the river Elbe has the characteristic shape of a horseshoe, which is cut into the mountain plains. The appearance of this valley was imprinted in ancient times by a glacier, which dug it in the length of 8 kilometers. To this day, significant moraine ramparts up to 20 meters high have remained here after this glacier. His work is also the Elbe pits at the end of the valley, which are closed by up to 200 meters deep vertical slopes.

The first tourist path through the Labský dol was built in the 19th century by Count Harrach, and to this day this Harrachov path is widely visited, with a blue tourist route. It connects Špindlerův Mlýn with Labská bouda, a modern hotel and a tourist hostel, which stands on the site of the original hut, also built in the 19th century. Near the Elbe hut, a cascading Elbe waterfall falls down into the valley. Not far from the hotel is the source of the Elbe, which is a frequent tourist destination. However, the Elbe waterfall is not the only one that underlines the beauty of the Elbe mine. The largest with a height of almost 150 meters is the divided Pančavský waterfall. In its upper part there is a viewpoint from which this part is clearly visible.

It can also be partially seen from Ambrožova vyhlídka, from where you will be captivated by the view of the valley scenery. The view of the whole waterfall then offers some places on the blue tourist route leading through the Elbe valley. However, the red and yellow routes also intersect in the valley, so it depends on where you want to go and how much you manage to miss. Probably the most popular route leads from Labská bouda along the edge of Labské dol to Zlaté vrchší, then to Vrbatova bouda and to the Hanče and Vrbata mounds, where the named and very popular Ambrožova vyhlídka viewpoint is located.

There is a very diverse flora in the whole Elbe mine, you will find alpine meadows and rich spruce stands. The botanical value of this area is high and therefore most fall under the 1st degree of protection of the national park.

Author: Martina Limbergová