Rozhledna na Zlaté vyhlídce u Janských lázní

The "Golden Lookout Tower" will definitely impress you not only with its name. From the local lookout tower there is a magical view of the surrounding landscape. Take a trip and visit it too!

Information for visitors

GPS: 50.62553500, 15.75941100
Rozhledna na Zlaté vyhlídce u Janských lázní map

Interesting facts Rozhledna na Zlaté vyhlídce u Janských lázní

The iron lookout tower has been located on the Zlatá vyhlídka hill since the end of 2008, when it was first opened to the public. You would find it about 3 km from Janské lázně to the southwest and about 15 km from Trutnov to the northwest. It is situated at an altitude of 806 meters and its total height is 21.2 meters.

A total of 70 steps will take you to the viewing platform. From a height of 18 meters above the ground, you can see Broumovsko, Podkrkonoší, Orlické Mountains and part of the Giant Mountains.

The lookout tower can be reached by car on the road connecting Janské Lázně and Černý důl. From the Hoffmannova bouda signpost, an asphalt road leads to the lookout tower. From the signpost, the yellow tourist sign also leads about one kilometer to the lookout tower.
From Janské Lázně you can follow the green tourist sign towards Janská hora. Then walk below the top, where you turn in the direction of the yellow tourist sign, then around Hladík's height to the lookout tower. This road is about 3 km long.

The lookout tower is open all year round without restrictions.

The history of buildings on the Golden Viewpoint began in 1880, when Wenzel Donth built a small house with a veranda here, used to refresh tourists from Janské Lázně. In 1910, a dance hall was added to the building, and after the war, heated rooms were built. The hut was therefore ready to serve even in winter.

In 1930, a dining room, garages and outbuildings were built here. Cultural events were often held here, so this place was very popular with tourists. There was also a simple lookout tower, which took the form of a stone plinth about two meters high with a railing.

In the period after the Second World War, the cottage was used for corporate recreation and after 1989 it changed owners several times. It has been closed for some time.

The cottage was reconstructed in 2006-2008. The cottage was converted into an apartment house with apartments that were intended for sale. The local iron lookout tower also penetrated as part of the project.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová