Mumlava waterfalls

Do you admire the beauty and wildness of the unfettered water that rushes down from the rocks and creates an amazing scenery? Such a performance, complemented by the beauty and purity of the surrounding nature, will offer you some of the largest and most breathtaking waterfalls in the Czech Republic, Mumlavské waterfalls.

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Adress: , Harrachov
GPS: 50.77066080, 15.45340110
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Interesting facts Mumlava waterfalls

You will find these waterfalls in the western part of the Krkonoše National Park, in the middle of rare nature and yet within reach of civilization. Not far from them is the town of Harrachov, an important mountain resort. Harrachov Bus Station is only 1.2 km away, and you will be further from the train, just over 5 km. The waterfalls can be easily reached on foot or by bike, an asphalt road leads to them. However, it is closed to motor vehicles, so you must leave your car in the parking lot of the Harrachov Sports Complex. It is 1.5 km away from the waterfalls, so you are also a leisurely half-hour walk away.

The waterfalls are formed by the river Mumlava on the edge of the Mumlava mine. The water rushes down from a rock overflow of up to ten meters across the entire width of the riverbed. In the places where it falls, but also elsewhere in the riverbed, you can see the so-called Devil's Eyes or Giant Pots. These are depressions in the granite base, which were gradually excavated by water with small stones. The waterfall is most massive in the spring, when the river gains strength due to the melting of snow from the surrounding forests. The smallest flow is of course in the hot and dry summer months, but even then there is much to see. The river Mumlava tends to have relatively enough water and maybe it entices you to refresh and bathe in those depressions. If you visit this place in winter, you will not regret it either. In severe frosts, the falling water freezes, creating a magical icefall.

When you have enough love, you can refresh yourself in the nearby Mumlavská bouda, a former Harrachov game preserve, from which there is now a cruise restaurant. One route then continues to Vosecká bouda or you can go for a pleasant walk upstream of the Mumlava river to other Pančava waterfalls.

Author: Martina Limbergová

Photo author: Monika Pelcová