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The original name of Fürstenberg Castle was named after the fashion dictates of the time. You can visit it all year round, sit for refreshments in the castle pub or stay directly in the castle hostel. You can have fun at various seasonal events, there are regular concerts and exhibitions, you can also order spaces for your own events. The hostel is also furnished with historic furniture.

Information for visitors

Adress: Svojanov 1, Svojanov
GPS: 49.62722780, 16.40836420
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Interesting facts castle Svojanov

Meet the Middle Ages and the 19th century
Svojanov is one of the oldest royal castles in our country. It was built by Přemysl Otakar II. to protect the trade route. During the Přemyslid era, two queens stayed on it - the wives of Záviš of Falkenstein, first the royal widow Kunhuta and later Alžběta Uherská. Charles IV. he included this castle in the royal property, but nevertheless the castle was used as a pledge during the Hussite wars. It was rebuilt in the Renaissance style, damaged by fire and war. Rooms documenting further modifications of the castle have also been preserved - Empire rooms and salons. At the castle you can also see a collection of clocks, a unique Gothic garden or a typical medieval torture chamber in the castle's underground spaces.

See the unique - House of Gunsmiths
In the newly reconstructed premises, get to know what the life of the castle garrison looked like at the end of the 15th century. Weapons, armor or armor are attractive also because some of them can be tried or tested. Also the exposition of old games - cards, chess and the like is very attractive for tourists. The House of Armourers is to have a wider use, it is expected to be used for concerts, wedding ceremonies, seminars, celebrations and other events.

Legends and stories are told about Svojanov
One of the oldest legends about the construction of the castle will take you back to the 15th century. The cruel steward, who was ruthless to the workers, walks around the castle on the back of a fiery bull at night. Because he also saved on the castle garrison, no chimneys were built in the house of the gunsmiths and stables were placed on the ground floor of the house so that the floor would at least heat the heat from the horses. Castle legends and myths will appeal to you in the premises of the early Gothic cellar.

Author: Helena Syslová