Kašperk Castle

Visit with us the highest royal castle in Bohemia. It is located at an altitude of 886 m above sea level and offers a beautiful view of the Bohemian Forest. Head to Kašperk Castle.

Information for visitors

Adress: Žlíbek 55, Kašperské Hory
GPS: 49.14713000, 13.55992000
Kašperk Castle map

Interesting facts Kašperk Castle

That the Czech king and Roman emperor Charles IV. ensured safety on the newly established Golden Trail, in 1356 he had to establish the Kašperk castle. He guarded the border with neighboring Bavaria and protected the surrounding gold-bearing area. It was a mortgage castle and changed owners. No one undertook a major reconstruction and so he kept going, until finally the townspeople began to use it as a source of building material. Now the castle is renovated and accessible to tourists.

When visiting the castle, you can see the burgrave's office, where there is an exhibition focusing on the economic life of the castle, look into the castle palace, climb the east tower. On the ground floor there are examples of working tools and examples of processing the stone lining, the third part of the tower is decorated with a unique tapestry. You can also see the western tower, where a medieval room will stand, equip and eventually disappear right in front of your eyes. There are also special interactive tours for children, which take place in the form of competitions and tasks. Children dance to medieval music, try martial arts or the sophistication of court behavior. In the end, they are knighted or recognized by a lady of the court.

Kašperk Castle is one of the most important preserved documents of castle architecture of the 14th century, the tendency to merge residential towers with the palace culminates here, which is typical for Czech development. Kašperk's sister castle was Radyně, about 65 km as the crow flies. In clear weather it is visible and in the time of Charles IV. the crews of both castles could communicate with each other through smoke signals.

Near the castle, about 400 m, is the ruins of an advanced fortification, the so-called Pustý hrádek. It was a pentagonal tower, which was probably built by the Sternberg family to protect against the royal troops. Today, the castle is just a pile of stones.

Author: Marie Bukovinská