Chateau Manětín

Can you guess which castle is nicknamed the "pearl of the West Bohemian Baroque"? You can find it in the Pilsen region and it is the Manětín chateau. The original settlement of Manětín was donated by King Vladislav II. to the Prague Johannites in 1169, as evidenced by written sources. A medieval fortress originally stood on the site and the appearance of the building changed at the time when the manor was acquired by the Hrobčič family (1560). They settled permanently on the fortress and also before the year 1600 started to rebuild and expand - a castle in the Renaissance style was built.

Information for visitors

Adress: Manětín 1, Manětín
GPS: 49.99145000, 13.23236080
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Interesting facts Chateau Manětín

The town was hit by a large fire in 1712, which did not spare the castle. Václav Josef Lažanský and his wife Maria Gabriela decided to build a Baroque chateau. The reconstruction project was taken care of by the builder Tomáš Hafenecker and a seat was created in the elongated letter "L", where there was also a castle park, a farmyard and a covered corridor with the oratory of the Church of St. John the Baptist. After the confiscation of property, the chateau fell to the State Estates and Forests in 1945. The circle of friends of the Manětín region made sure that the chateau hall and another room could be opened to the public in 1959, and a museum exposition was placed here. In later years, some of the confiscated furniture returned here and the chateau museum continued to expand and supplement.

Manětín Castle is a National Cultural Monument. In the current chateau, an interesting tour of the interiors awaits you from the entrance hall, where the main staircase is decorated with allegorical figures of the Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The reception room is filled with Baroque furniture and the small count's lounge will reveal the Lažanský family gallery. You will also go to the bedroom with part of the original fresco decoration and to the Countess's study with furniture with themes from Venice. You will walk through the women's pink lounge, the hunting room with weapons and the Great Social Salon with black-painted furniture awaits you. The furniture is also decorated with white marble, mother-of-pearl and brass. The tour also offers other rooms - a men's study with oil paintings of horses, a dining room, a library, an oratory and more.

Author: Petra Nachtmanová