Vlašim Castle

It used to be a Gothic castle, built on a not very prominent promontory. Today, the building is described as an exhibition castle in Vlašim, in the Benešov district.

Information for visitors

Adress: Zámek 1, Vlašim
GPS: 49.70704750, 14.89530060
Vlašim Castle map

Interesting facts Vlašim Castle

The original castle was built here in 1303 and for the first time historical sources mention it in connection with the year 1318. From 1363 the local castle owned a significant family, which began to be written from Vlašim and later from Jenštejn, from which came for example Jan Očko z Vlašimi or John of Jenštejn, and who has two vulture heads in the coat of arms on a silver field.

Mikuláš Jr., Trčka z Lípy, another of the owners of the castle, had an artillery fortification built after the Hussite wars with a later built earth circuit, which unfortunately has not been preserved. The castle was rebuilt into a chateau in the 16th century.

A total of twelve coats of arms, exhibited in the Vlašim Gate and the coat of arms of the chateau hall, denote twelve families that took turns in the ownership of the Vlašim estate. The original castle had an almost regular square layout with two round towers, of which only one of them has survived to the present day. According to historical sources, the castle may have had a third and fourth tower, but archaeological excavations and excavations did not confirm this theory. Also, of the bastions, of which there were probably probably five, only one has survived.

The reconstruction of the original castle into a Renaissance chateau took place between 1580 and 1620 and is connected with the Vostrovc family from Kralovice. The individual buildings were unified in height, the octagonal tower was added as an extension, and the main palace was complemented by ridge vaults and double combined windows. The first and second floors were decorated with stucco.

The castle underwent further reconstructions in 1627 under the Talmberks, after it partially burned down. A brewery, stables and the southern wing of the chateau were built at that time.

The last aristocratic owners of the chateau were the Auersperks, who owned it until 1945, when their property was expropriated and nationalized. It was then used for cultural and administrative purposes.

The castle is set in a romantic English-style landscape park, founded in 1775 by Charles and Mary of Auersperk. It was gradually supplemented by romantic buildings and it is the oldest natural landscape park in Bohemia.

In recent years, the Vlašim chateau has undergone reconstruction, is used by the Podblanicko Museum and a ceremonial hall has also been established here.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová