Červený Hrádek u Jirkova (chateau)

The place where Karel Heinlein's secret meeting with Lord Runciman took place in 1938 can be found in Jirkov, in the Chomutov district. There is a picturesque Baroque castle, whose history began to be written at the end of the 13th century, when there was still a medieval castle, built by Albrecht of Seeberk.

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Adress: Červený Hrádek 1, Jirkov
GPS: 50.51245670, 13.44396310
Červený Hrádek u Jirkova (chateau) map

Interesting facts Červený Hrádek u Jirkova (chateau)

The original name of the medieval castle was "Nový Žeberk", but because it was repaired and provided with a new, red, facade in the 15th century, it officially became called Červený Hrádek.

The owners of the castle changed quite often until the beginning of the 17th century and they include, for example, the Lobkovic and Gersdorf families. The blow to Červený Hrádek was dealt with by the Thirty Years' War, during which it was looted and severely damaged, and gradually began to turn into a ruin and fell into disrepair.

The construction of a new chateau on the site of the original castle began during the 1760s, when Jan Adam Hrzán owned it. After him, the estate was owned by his son Ferdinand Maxmilián, during whose ownership the sculptural workshop of Jan Brokoff operated here.

An important owner of Červený Hrádek was also Jindřich of Rothenhan, who owned the chateau at the end of the 18th century and held the position of Austrian Minister of State, President of the Supreme Court and the Court Commission for Legislative Affairs. Henry of Rothenhan was responsible for the expansion of the ironworks in Kalk and also for the establishment of new ones, called Gabrielina Huť. In 1784 he founded a textile manufactory with a wool spinning mill, bleach and a canvas printer. Červený Hrádek had this owner modified, the chateau garden expanded, which was supplemented by buildings and sculptures. In addition, outbuildings, stables, a riding school and more have been renovated.

During the ownership of the chateau by Max Egon Hohenlohe, who also became the last private holder of Červený Hrádek, the English Lord Runciman met with representatives of the Sudeten German Party on his initiative. It happened in 1938 and seven years later, in 1945, the castle was nationalized. Subsequently, it served the purposes of the hospital and school, and in 1969 a memorial to the fight against fascism was established here. Since 1996, the Červený Hrádek chateau has been managed and owned by the town of Jirkov.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová