Chateau Peruc

The village of Peruc, in which we find the castle of the same name, lies 14 km east of the town of Louny and southwest of the Říp mountain. In addition to other other attractions that can be seen in the vicinity of the village of Peruc, it is definitely worth mentioning the castle Hazmburk.

Information for visitors

Adress: nám. E. Filly 1, Peruc
GPS: 50.34362000, 13.96290420
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Interesting facts Chateau Peruc

Originally, a fortress used to stand in the place of today's chateau, whose owners changed quite often. These included, for example, the family of the famous Pětipestštský paws, and even before the Thirty Years' War they were the Hruks of Březno. From 1673, the estate was owned by Jan Jetřich of Ledebur, whose descendants had their seat until 1798.

In 1814, Peruc became the property of the Thuns, and during the ownership of the Ledeburs, the fortress was rebuilt into a chateau. The construction was led by a prominent Italian architect Antonio della Porta and later by Petr Pavel Columbani, who is the author of the project of the Church of St. Peter and Paul on the square, built in the same style as the square itself. The sculptural decoration of the Peruc chateau, designed by Ignác František Platzer, is definitely worth mentioning. The chateau has also been surrounded by the chateau park since 1770.

Since 2007, the chateau has been bought from the village for 19 million crowns by new owners from Cardiff, Wales. The facade of the chateau was repaired before the sale, however, the condition of the chateau still requires further repairs. Currently, the current owners offer Peruc Castle for sale.

The castle can be found in Peruc today in Emil Filla Square. It was opened to the public during the 1960s, when the memorial hall of the poet Svatopluk Čech was established here in the Blue Lounge, often inspired by the views in the vicinity of Peruc.

Since 1999, the castle wing has also been used as the memorial hall of Emil Filla, whose works are exhibited here. The painter fell in love with the local landscape and from 1947 to 1952 he devoted himself to his work in the southern wing of the Peruvian chateau. He created a total of 253 paintings here.

Today, the Museum of the Czech Village is located in the chateau granary from the end of the 18th century.

The village of Peruc is also associated with the legend of Oldřich and Božena. There is even Boženčina studánka (in the castle grounds) and Oldřichův dub (about 200 m along the yellow tourist sign in the direction down the hill from Boženčina studánka).

Author: Andrea Štyndlová