Balcarka Cave

Take warm clothes and let yourself be introduced to the bowels of the Balcarka Cave, where you can admire the creations of Mother Nature.
Balcarka can be found in the northeastern part of the Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area, in the core of the rocky meander of Suchý žleb called Balcarova skála. Its five-meter-high entrance has been known since time immemorial, as evidenced by the findings of fireplaces and various tools from the Early Stone Age and the bones of Quaternary animals.

Information for visitors

Adress: Jeskyně Balcarka, Ostrov u Macochy
GPS: 49.37423310, 16.75826000
Balcarka Cave map

Interesting facts Balcarka Cave

From 1923, Balcarka was gradually discovered and in 1936 the individual parts were combined into one whole. The caves now form a complex system projecting at two height levels. These are connected by tall domes. It was renovated in 2008 and has been open to the public again since 2009.

The cave was created by erosion and corrosion of rainwater. The Krasovský stream and the Lopač stream also took part in its creation. Their dives are located north and south of it. Balcarka belongs to the complex hydrographic system of island and Vilémovice waters, which spring near the Punkve Caves. Despite the intensive efforts of speleologists, it was not possible to penetrate into the main part of this system.

One of the largest spaces is the Dome of Doom and the Foch Dome, where you can see the stalactite decoration. In addition to various types of stalactites, which include straws, stick and carrot stalactites, conical stalagmites, you will also find different colored stalactites. The color is given by oxides of ferric iron, thus creating yellow, beige and reddish-brown shades. Very interesting are the honey-colored clusters of several-centimeter corrections, which were formed at the bottom of the sinter lake, which is aptly named Cukrová pohádka.

According to legend, wild women once lived in the Balcarka Cave. Once, when Balcar was plowing in his field in front of a rock, wild girls came to him asking him to repair a loaf of bread. Balcar complied, repaired the shovel, and in return received a cake with orders not to ever eat it so that it would remain fresh. Balcar and his family ate the cake, but always left a bit of it. By morning, the cake was whole again. But one day, out of curiosity, Balcar finished the cake, and the next morning he found a cowshed in the pantry instead of the cake. So he was punished.


Author: Marie Bukovinská