Catherine's Cave

Have you been to a concert in a cave? Isn't it? Then you can fix it and go to Catherine's Cave, where these events take place. You can find Kateřinská Cave at the beginning of Suchý žleb, east of Skalní mlýn in the national nature reserve Vývěry Punkvy.

Information for visitors

Adress: Kateřinská jeskyně, Blansko
GPS: 49.36038420, 16.71099920
Catherine's Cave map

Interesting facts Catherine's Cave

You enter through the Gothic portal and get to the Main Dome. It is the largest space in the Moravian Karst and at the same time the largest underground dome accessible to the public in the Czech Republic. It is 97 m long, 44 m wide and 20 m high. Due to its excellent acoustic properties, music and singing concerts are held here. The route continues to the New Cave, where you can see the colorfully lit formation of the Witch and the Bamboo Forest, formed by several meters high stalagmites. Followed by a tour of the stalactite formations Ovečka, Pagoda and Sinter Waterfall. The sightseeing route is 430 m long.

The origin of Kateřinská Cave was due to the gradual erosion and corrosion activity of rainwater and the deepening of their underground streams in well-soluble Devonian limestones. In the Quaternary, there was a massive collapse of the ceilings, which gave the cave spaces its present appearance.

The cave is a rich site of bones of Pleistocene animals, especially bears. It is also an important wintering ground for 11 species of bats.

The name of the cave is connected with the legend that says that the sheep herder Kateřina hid here with a herd before the storm. When the storm passed, she pulled the sheep together and prepared for the journey home. However, she found that she was missing one sheep and heard the ringing of her bell in the cave. So she set out for her, but she lost herself and fell asleep exhausted. The next day, people found her dead in a cave.

Near the Kateřinská Cave there is a nature trail Macocha, which will take you to many interesting places. You can also stop at the Rytířská Cave cave castle or on the Devil's Bridge.


Author: Marie Bukovinská