Cave At Turold

Stop in Mikulov, where the Na Turoldu cave is located in the neighboring nature reserve. It is connected with the Liščí díra cave and together they create a system of corridors, halls and a dome with a length of more than 2 km.

Information for visitors

Adress: U Lomu 696/54, Mikulov
GPS: 48.81638890, 16.64009470
Cave At Turold map

Interesting facts Cave At Turold

The first mention of the cave comes from 1669, but was subsequently destroyed by limestone mining. Today's system was discovered in 1951 and made available to the public in 1967. Since 2004, a 300 m long route has been open for you.

Although there are rarely stalactite decorations, you will certainly be interested in the shape of the walls of the character of coral reefs with a number of cavities, which like white white foam transforms into pea to shrub growths with druses of small glittering calcite crystals. The passage to the lower floor is decorated with a rare so-called Turold decoration, which resembles cauliflower or soap suds. In the Lake Dome you will find an 8 m deep lake.

A red tourist sign leading through the Pavlovské vrchy will lead you to the Na Turoldu cave.


Author: Marie Bukovinská