Church of St. Michala Olomouc

Olomouc is a paradise for believers and lovers of church monuments. The architecture of the local buildings is truly exceptional, when it gives the impression that the individual churches competed with each other, which will be the one - and which attracts more sheep into its bowels. The parish church of St. Michael is one of the largest landmarks in Olomouc. More circumstances may be involved…

Church of St. Michala Olomouc Church of St. Michala Olomouc

Information for visitors

Adress: Na Hradě, Olomouc
GPS: 49.59387110, 17.25430970
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Interesting facts Church of St. Michala Olomouc

Firstly, this church is located on the highest rocky hill in the city center, and secondly, it is no crumb. The church is 59 m long, 20 meters wide and the highest dome reaches a height of 38 meters. The church has a total of 3 domes, which symbolize the Holy Trinity, while the side ones are smaller (they reach a height of about 28 meters). Inside these domes, a god is then painted as a creator, in the second a holy spirit with a dove, and in the third a god is a son with a victorious cross. The earliest mention of this Dominican convent dates back to the thirteenth century. The temple has not had it easy over the ages, it has burned down several times. It was destroyed by the Hussites and the Swedes.

Today, inside you will find unique frescoes, sculptures, paintings and various decorative objects. The 12 apostles of Jesus are depicted around the temple. The parish includes the Chapel of St. Alexius and the Chapel of St. John Sarkander. The Chapel of St. Alexius is the oldest element of the church, as it dates from 1380. The rectory also includes a spring of living water, which is shrouded in myth. The spring is located not only in front of the chapel of St. John Sarkkander, but also in the basement of the Parish Church of St. Michael. There should be 4 bells inside the Parish Church, but they are not. A public collection is currently underway for their restoration. In the mezzanine floor of one of the towers there is also the Parish Museum.

You may be interested to know that this top, on which the church stands, attracted people even before its construction. Archaeological excavations have shown that this top was a ceremonial place. There was a shaman's drum. The Slavs again held trials under the trees.


Author: Adriana Dosedělová