Church of St. Mikuláš Louny

One of the most important late Gothic buildings in the Czech Republic, the National Cultural Monument and the dominant feature of the town of Louny, the Church of St. Mikuláš, can be found on Beneše z Louny street. It was built in the place where the church of St. Cross, which was first mentioned in 1332 and rebuilt and dedicated to St. in the 1980s. Nicholas.

Information for visitors

Adress: Beneše z Loun 135, Louny
GPS: 50.35725500, 13.79525330
Church of St. Mikuláš Louny map

Interesting facts Church of St. Mikuláš Louny

The original building was severely damaged by a fire in 1517, and the construction of the new church did not delay for long. The construction lasted from 1519 and lasted until 1538. It was in the spirit of late Gothic and the architect Benedikt Ried also took a significant part in it. Neo-Gothic adaptations were made by Josef Mocker and Kamil Hilbert.

Of the original building, which was destroyed by fire, only a tower with a total height of 60 m, which was built of sandstone, has survived to the present day. A total of 180 steps lead to its top and the tower itself hides a jewel box, which is inaccessible to the public, and in which important city deeds and documents have been kept. In the level of the gallery there is an apartment of the herald, who offers to see a part of the laminated nativity scene.

The church consists of a nave, vaulted with a circular vault and covered with a triple roof in the shape of pyramids.

The interior will captivate visitors mainly with three massive wooden altars from the beginning of the 18th century, whose author is Jeroným Kohl and his disciple František Preiss. The central altar of the Nativity is purely Baroque and the two side altars are among the first acanthus altars. It is certainly worth mentioning the pewter baptistery from 1518 and the pulpit from the late Gothic period.

Access to the church is free of charge, but the entrance fee is paid for the entrance to the tower, which is open all year round. The walkway of the tower offers a charming view of the town of Louny and its surroundings, while with good visibility it is possible to see the peaks of Stříbrník, Oblík and others.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová