Planá nad Lužnicí - Košice - Chabrovice - Choustník - Planá nad Lužnicí

Moderately demanding trip through the landscape of southern Bohemia leading in the environment of forest roads. The trip also leads over several peaks, so you can't avoid climbing.

Information for visitors

Adress: ČSLA 6, Planá nad Lužnicí
GPS: 49.35382000, 14.70268360
Planá nad Lužnicí - Košice - Chabrovice - Choustník - Planá nad Lužnicí map

Interesting facts Planá nad Lužnicí - Košice - Chabrovice - Choustník - Planá nad Lužnicí

Set off from the town of Planá nad Lužnicí around the Strkov chateau on cycle route no. 32. Four ponds are waiting for you right outside the city gates - Strkovský, Košický, Koberný and Hejtman. In the latter you will find the island of Markéta, declared a natural monument. All water areas are relatively large and most of them are divided by dikes, which you can walk on.

After a short stop, continue in the same direction to the village of Košice. In the middle of the seat there are several routes. Your route turns a little behind the church to the left and has the number 1183. You will not drive to the next village of Chabrovice for a long time, the road is undulating in places, so you will descend again as soon as possible. Three smaller ponds near the road can serve as refreshment.

If you are a lover of views of the countryside, in Chabrovice, turn right to the nearby and freely accessible lookout tower Čermákův vrch above the village of Krátošice. Your next trip will take you to the village of Skopytce, five hundred meters away. In its center there is a nice chapel and the whole village is a nice South Bohemian style. Pay attention to the marking of cycle routes, continue straight on after the same number. From here it is close to the destination, you will cross only one valley and you will find yourself at the pond Močený just before the village Choustník.

In the village itself you will find a somewhat indistinct and unrepaired castle, but I recommend driving a few kilometers past the village and climbing the green markings to Choustník Castle. The tower and most parts of the walls have been preserved, in addition, there is a pleasant view of the landscape. The castle building is part of a nature reserve with many rock formations forming a rock town.

An alternative way to return can be route No. 1172 branching near Kajetín to the village of Tučapy. Later continuing to Brandlín (No. 32) and Myslkovice (No. 1171). Via cycle route No. 1180 you will then get to Košice, which you already know. On this route, you will also overcome slightly undulating terrain, but the reward will be places such as ponds or monuments with a Jewish theme.


Author: Martina Zapletalová