Brno Líšeň - Pod Hrádkem Reservoir - Horákov Castle

An easy trip suitable for one afternoon, or for families for the whole day. It will take you just outside the city limits of Brno.

Information for visitors

Adress: Šimáčkova 236/3, Brno-Líšeň
GPS: 49.20719940, 16.69480940
Brno Líšeň - Pod Hrádkem Reservoir - Horákov Castle map

Interesting facts Brno Líšeň - Pod Hrádkem Reservoir - Horákov Castle

The trip begins in Brno, the local part of Líšeň at the intersection of Ondráčkova and Šimáčkova streets. So head out of the city along Ondráčkova Street (cycle route No. 5005). The road is not very busy. At the Podolská stop, turn left onto a street called Mariánské údolí. The valley leads around the stream and during it it is possible to have a snack in a restaurant or drink from a spring called Líšeňský vrt. Water has a unique composition, contains optimal amounts of minerals and is said to be medicinal.

After about three kilometers you will reach a water area called "U Kadlecova mlýna". This pond is used for summer and winter sports. So continue along its bank and the road will lead you across the bridge to the opposite side. Above the pond there is another water area - v.n. Pod Hrádkem. In terms of area, it is the same and is similar in its elongated noodle shape.

It basically consists of two parts separated by strips of greenery. At its bank, catch the blue lane markings, and follow it towards the remains of the fortified settlement. It is better to lock the wheels at the bottom, because the climb is short, but still steep. Horákov Castle is a wooded hill with the remains of a former castle. Only ditches and remnants of masonry are visible. If you approach the castle from the other side of the peninsula, you can taste another local spring of mineral water nearby - a well near Muchova bouda.

For an optimal end to the trip, stop at Muchova bouda, a restaurant located at the signpost of the same name at cycle route no. 5083. The shortest way back to Brno is the way you came. As an alternative, there is a route along cycle routes No. 5005 and 5083 to Šlapanice, where there is a train stop.


Author: Martina Zapletalová