Kuřim - Malhostovice - Čebín - Kuřim

The route around Kurim with interesting stops in the form of lookout towers and natural monuments. However, it is always necessary to walk a little to specific places.

Information for visitors

Adress: Jungmannova 813, Kuřim
GPS: 49.30264640, 16.52831500
Kuřim - Malhostovice - Čebín - Kuřim map

Interesting facts Kuřim - Malhostovice - Čebín - Kuřim

From the town of Kuřim, set off on the cycle route No. 5197 in the direction of Malhostovice. This part of the trip leads to a not very significant climb in the open countryside, the climb will be slightly sharpened only after entering the forest, which, among other things, also passes through the natural monument Zlobice. The location is important especially for the great diversity of species representation of plants and flowers. On the right you can see the translucent tower of the Zlobice lookout tower, which is accessible from this direction only along an unmarked forest road.

From this peak you will now descend slightly downhill to the village of Malhostovice. You don't get too hot here because you turn the same direction again at the crossroads, so the steepest to the left. A signpost to the village of Čebín will help you. So now you will drive on the road without markings. A few hundred meters from the village lies the natural monument Malhostovická pecka and a little further Drásovský kopeček. An unmarked path to the latter no longer leads to the former. In both cases, these are stone formations of limestone. To give you an idea, they are similar to the rocks in the Vinnetou movies.

Behind these stops, you will pass through the edge of a huge, still active quarry in Čebín. For those interested, it is possible to get through the village of Čebín and the yellow sign to the local lookout tower. The ascent to the foot of the lookout tower is certainly better without a bike, as it is very steep. As a reward, however, you will have a view to the highest peaks of the Jeseníky Mountains and you will also get a more accurate idea of ​​the natural monuments you passed.

The more tired of you can thank you for the cycle route No. 5186, which turns left before the Čebín quarry directly to the town of Kuřim. The mentioned section is by no means demanding or long, it leads along a plain or downhill.

From the village it is possible to get to the city also by rail or road No. 385.


Author: Martina Zapletalová