Kyjov - Bukovany (lookout tower) - Kyjov

A short trip with overcoming several hills with a lower degree of ascent. A nice afternoon trip, already slightly rising through the South Moravian landscape.


Information for visitors

Adress: Nerudova 1339, Kyjov
GPS: 49.00543810, 17.12699640
Kyjov - Bukovany (lookout tower) - Kyjov map

Interesting facts Kyjov - Bukovany (lookout tower) - Kyjov

First, stay directly in Kyjov and see the local castle grounds in the south of the village. In front of the gates, drive towards the north of the city, around the park along the cycle route No. 412. It leads all the way to the Kyjov region itself, breaks back sharply, crosses the tracks and after a short section of Boršovská Street takes you into the countryside. Right at the beginning, you will have to overcome the ascent at a relatively gentle and comfortable pace. The top of the hill has a height of 245 m.n.m.

From this place you will certainly see the destination of today's trip - Bukovanský mill - lookout tower. You will descend to the village of the same name with a pleasant descent. In the village, follow the marked cycle path to the west, finding a mill will not be a problem.

The mill is the dominant building - a replica of a windmill once standing here. In addition to the view from the upper plateau, you will also find a stylish restaurant and a small museum in the small complex. Use a different return alternative to diversify your return trip. Head back to the center of Bukovany and follow the cycle path called Kyjovská to the northern tip of the village.

Behind the village you will have to overcome a small elevation gain, but the path leads along the contour, so the ascent should not be more difficult for you. The reward will be a beautiful view of the Bohuslav orchards. After a few hundred meters you will reach a small crossroads with a cross. Here you get off the bike path and connect to the Kyjov-Bohuslavice nature trail.

This will already take you to the destination of Kyjov's journey, it is a descending section of the journey, so you will complete it at a brisk pace. To avoid the unpleasant main road, let the path take a small detour to the street "Komenského Street" which ends in Nádražní Street. The one, as its name suggests, leads to the railway station.


Author: Martina Zapletalová