Ruda - Krizanov - Ruda

This imaginary circuit will take you to the landscape of ponds, although we will stay in the Vysočina region around Ždár nad Sázavou, this region will certainly remind you of a more famous pond area - southern Bohemia. The trip is more suitable for experienced cyclists, as in some places it overcomes steeper climbs.

Information for visitors

Adress: Ruda 92, Ruda
GPS: 49.32495670, 16.11999170
Ruda - Krizanov - Ruda map

Interesting facts Ruda - Krizanov - Ruda

Exit Ruda along the cycle route No. 5240, a short distance behind the village you will meet a gentler ascent, this will eventually escalate and culminate at the signpost "Březejcký les". As the name suggests, it is located in the middle of a forest. You will therefore appreciate this terrain especially during the summer heat, or as a gatherer of wild berries. The path in the forest continues to lead through undulating terrain with occasional descents.

At the edge of the forest, watch out for the crossroads, follow the familiar markings and drive straight ahead. You already have a pair of ponds Malý and Velký Chlostov in sight. The road leads here in style along their dikes. After them, turn left and continue again through the forest landscape with a slight ascent to the next stop - Loučský rybník. Along the way, it is possible to see from a distance and then turn along unmarked paths to three other ponds. But then you have to go back, because the roads always lead only to the dam and not further. In addition to marking the cycle route, the railway line you will cross just in front of it can also serve as a guide.

Not even a kilometer across the field to the town of Křižanov. If you don't have enough, you can see three more ponds here - Podhradský, Hornomětský and Vážný. There are many local religious monuments in the village and also Křižanov Castle.

To get back, use the same route, or continue along the cycle route through the village of Dobrá voda to the village of Vienna, in the western part of which there is a cycle route called Mlynářská. It will take you through the village of Mostiště to Velké Meziříčí.

The bridge is definitely worth a stop, it got its name from the bridge over the village, which you basically cross. Not far from the road, the ruins of the Mostiště castle with the church of St. Jakuba.


Author: Martina Zapletalová