Kozlovice - Areál Na Mlýně - Hukvaldy - Lubina - Kopřivnice

This route will take you to the region of Palkovice Hills, among others sought after by composer Leoš Janáček. These are more demanding sections for more sporty tourists.


Information for visitors

Adress: Kozlovice 172, Kozlovice
GPS: 49.59140470, 18.25849750
Kozlovice - Areál Na Mlýně - Hukvaldy - Lubina - Kopřivnice map

Interesting facts Kozlovice - Areál Na Mlýně - Hukvaldy - Lubina - Kopřivnice

Exit the center of Kozlovice in the direction of the Kozlovice-most signpost. It is located in the upper (northern) part of the village. Among other things, the Janáček's footpath nature trail also departs from this direction. However, you continue towards the Na Mlýně Complex, where it is possible to get refreshments or pick up more supplies for the trip. You will follow the Greenways 6006 cycle route. The road leads mostly through a winding valley, but in some places it will intertwine despite the ascent. The Ondřejnice River flows parallel to the road.

After half a kilometer you will reach the signpost "Janáček's house". Here, the route turns left towards the town of Hukvaldy. A short distance away you will see the birth house of the artist with a permanent exhibition about his life and relationship to his home region. There is also another museum in the village, the tin Museum. In the center, at the intersection of the Greenways cycle route and the 6001 cycle route, turn left and follow the red intermittent markings along the Hradní vrch nature trail to the local preserved castle. The climb is very steep, so you will be forced to lead the bike.

The area of ​​this monument is surrounded by walls and is quite extensive. An asphalt road leads to the gate itself, to which you connect. After a short stop, continue on it and let it lead you back to the village. The nature itself is also beautiful here, and since you move in the game reserve, you can sometimes see forest animals.

At the statuette of the fox Bystrouška, complete the circuit and return to the village in the direction of the red markings. The path leads along the foot of the hill, so the ascent is gentle to almost none. In the village, join the cycle route No. 6001 and continue along it towards the village of Mniší. An announced climb awaits you on this section, but you will immediately descend all the climbed altitude meters for a reward. In front of the village of Mniší itself, turn right together with the cycling route and continue downhill from a gentle peak. From the road you can see the Větřkovice reservoir on the right side - a short asphalt turn leads directly from Lubina.

The named cycle route will take you to a crossroads to a place called Lubina. Here, change to route No. 502, which will take you through the streets with light traffic to the railway station in the town of Kopřivnice.


Author: Martina Zapletalová