Trinec - Oldrichovice - Maly Javorovy - Trinec

The route is suitable for lovers of distant views of the countryside who do not mind steep climbs and more demanding road profiles.

Information for visitors

Adress: Frýdecká 77, Třinec
GPS: 49.67792360, 18.66027000
Trinec - Oldrichovice - Maly Javorovy - Trinec map

Interesting facts Trinec - Oldrichovice - Maly Javorovy - Trinec

Depart from the southern part of the town called Lyžbice. For more comfortable orientation, you will find the cycle route No. 6151. In the meantime, the road leads through a built-up landscape and along a plain. Suddenly you find yourself in the adjacent Oldřichovice. At a place called Závist, you can shorten your journey by turning left at the crossroads. The road connects back to the coveted cycle path.

At the Evangelical Church in Podgrun, it is necessary to be careful and for a while connect to the cycle route No. 56. This will take you directly to the next junction with route no. 6021. From now on, no route changes are waiting for you and you will follow the same markings to your destination.

You will enjoy a relatively fast and comfortable section with only an occasional short climb when passing through the village of Tyra. The ascent begins to rise in the second half of the village, and goes to a sharper angle with the last house. A slight relaxation will be brought by a pair of forest serpentines, where you will drive along the contour from the first to the second. At the second bend, be careful and continue along the left branch of the forked path - this path leads directly to the top (marking no. 6021o).

You still have to climb Malý Javorový 200 meters above sea level at a distance of two kilometers. The path leads along the contour and climbs at occasionally steeper intervals. The only significant element on this part of the road is the signpost Pod Malým Javorovým, which is located in the last third of this stage. Approach the main dominant of the top of the hill - the transmitter and the cottage - use the green markings. In addition to refreshments, you will also receive a top tourist stamp in the cottage. The elevation of the peak hides the value of 947 meters above sea level and offers you distant views of the opposite hills and especially of the plains around Třinec.

For the way back, you have several alternatives to choose from. Either you choose the same route - especially the descent or go straight from the transmitter following the blue markings towards Oldřichovice. This is a shortcut to route 6021 and the first kilometers will be very steep, unsuitable for cycling. Another option is to return to the fork in the road and turn onto the cycle route No. 6201 in the direction of Guty. However, this requires relatively long journeys through the forest along the contour line with occasional ascents.

So I will leave the final decision to you. If you decide to travel through Guty, then pay attention to the signpost Guty - Rucki and here turn right to Oldřichovice and trail No. 56. The following cycle route No. 6151 will take you to Třinec.


Author: Martina Zapletalová