Olomouc - Horka nad Moravou - Hynkov - Stren


The route leads through the quiet flat landscape of Haná and crosses the Litovelské pomoraví nature reserve in several places. Suitable as a day trip for a family, or a half day trip for recreational athletes.

Olomouc - Horka nad Moravou - Hynkov - Stren Olomouc - Horka nad Moravou - Hynkov - Stren

Information for visitors

Adress: Na Šibeníku, Olomouc
GPS: 49.60069310, 17.23700810
Olomouc - Horka nad Moravou - Hynkov - Stren map

Interesting facts Olomouc - Horka nad Moravou - Hynkov - Stren

You set off on a trip from Hejčín - a local part of the city of Olomouc. You will connect to the cycle route No. 51 - alternately leading along the cycle path and the road. After about a kilometer of the road, you will pass a recreational place - Lake Podebrady.

Here, the cycle route turns towards a more frequented road, but you will not follow it for long, because in nearby Horka nad Moravou the cycle route will take you through a village square around the church and then through the village around Podhradský rybník to the Luha Litovelský pomoraví Nature Trail. At the beginning, the somewhat bizarre construction of the Sluňákov Center for Ecological Education cannot be overlooked. It is possible to attend various workshops and lectures on ecological topics here.

The cycle route lines the edge of the forested protected area and thus offers the possibility of distant views of the landscape. You will find virtually no elevation gain on the entire route, so the journey runs very fast.

At the U tří mostů crossroads, continue in a straight line. If you have enough strength, or you want to strengthen yourself, take a little detour to the Hunting Lodge. You can find it after about a kilometer on the cycle route No. 6027.

Continuing the route will take you deeper into the interior of Pomoraví. You will also meet the river Moravia, but not for long. After about three kilometers, the road will take you back to the field. The village of Hynkov is already visible on the horizon, at the end of which the Morava River forms one of the most beautiful meanders, swamps and blind branches on its course.

Around these river attractions you will slowly reach Lhota nad Moravou. If you want to take a bath or just refresh yourself, turn left onto the cycle route No. 6056 leading to the Kobylník pond. Among the locals, the name Pískovna Náklo was used for him. As is numerous in this landscape, the reservoir was created thanks to sand mining, which still remains to a limited extent. In several places, however, you can also bathe and swim.

To return to the city of Olomouc, use the sections of cycle routes No. 51 and 6107 in the direction of the village of Střeň. There is a train station in the village and with its help you can comfortably get to Olomouc by bike.


Author: Martina Zapletalová