Olomouc - Poděbrady Reservoir - Olomouc

Olomouc - water reservoir Podebrady - Olomouc

Information for visitors

Adress: tř. Svobody, Olomouc
GPS: 49.58932360, 17.25384420
Olomouc - Poděbrady Reservoir - Olomouc map

Interesting facts Olomouc - Poděbrady Reservoir - Olomouc

Not very demanding route, suitable for families with children, or as an afternoon trip with pleasant relaxation in the water and swimming.

You are leaving the center of Olomouc, and to make your trip more informative and interesting, take a look at, among other things, several Olomouc sights and attractions. The starting point of your route will be "Tržnice", ie for the uninitiated the intersection of Aksamitova and Tř. Freedom. It is only necessary to walk through Aksamitova Street, as there is a large number of pedestrians and it is partly a pedestrian zone. So you can get on the bike in Bezručovy sady, there is a directly designated bike path (No. 6029) and a footpath. An interesting stop can be made, for example, at the Crown Fortress or in the adjacent Botanical Garden.

You continue along the already mentioned trail, which passes through the center of the university dormitories and then winds around the Morava River. You will take a relaxing break at Klášterní Hradisko - a former monastery - today the Military Hospital. The complex offers refreshment in the form of a fountain and an oasis of calm.

After a short rest, you will set off on a trio of streets - Na Letné, Dlouhá, Lazecká and U sportovní haly to the Olomouc-Hejčín district. Here you continue along the busier Dolní Hejčínská street. In the middle section, however, a new part of the cycle path No. 51 begins, to which you connect. The road takes us through the city and then along the side streets it leads to the Mlýnský stream, which crosses just behind the city. From this point he copies the route of the nature trail called "Around Olomouc". Along the way you can see several weirs or meanders of Mlýnský stream.

You are slowly arriving at the destination - Lake Podebrady. The lake is very popular for sports activities such as swimming, kayaking, surfing and in winter as an ice rink for skating. In the middle it is divided by a small island, which can be reached with a bicycle over a wooden bridge. Access to the water is gradual, stony. In summer there is the possibility of basic snacks in the buffet.

To get back, use the cycle path No. 51 again, but in its entire path - ie from the section Dolní Hejčínská you will take another route, not around the river Morava, but through the city center along this path. The trail passes through the huge Čechovy sady and divides into other branches. At the end of it, join the cycle path No. 5, which will take you all the way to Třída Svobody - to Tržnice.


Author: Martina Zapletalová