Hanušovice - Jindřichov na Moravě - Tři Kameny - Hanušovice

More demanding route, especially at a distance and at the end for climbing. The end takes place on the top parts of the mountains.

Information for visitors

Adress: Hlavní 73, Hanušovice
GPS: 50.08077280, 16.93680750
Hanušovice - Jindřichov na Moravě - Tři Kameny - Hanušovice map

Interesting facts Hanušovice - Jindřichov na Moravě - Tři Kameny - Hanušovice

The starting point of the journey is Hanušovice. It is possible to get here by train. From Hanušovice you drive towards the settlement Potůčník. The road leads you on a more busy road. This section of the road can be managed to a higher gear, as it leads through the valley and avoids greater descents or ascents. Among other things, you will also recognize this by the tracks that run parallel to the road. The surroundings of the road are mainly forests and meadows. The first significant change is the entrance to the village of Jindřichov in Moravia. Not far from the main road - on the hill are the ruins of the castle Pleče. So you can make a small patriotic stop here (turn left, trail no. 6114).

There is nothing else to see in the village itself, so you continue your journey at the same pace. The village is very long, and the village of Nové Losiny follows it smoothly. It is therefore necessary to be careful and follow the direction signs to turn right. A fairly steep climb begins in Nové Losiny. After a short walk you will see a picturesque Novolosin church on the right. After a short rest, you continue on your next journey, there are already short serpentines towards the village and the ascent at the end will not be as fierce as it seems during the ride.

Another important point of the ride is the Přemyslovské sedlo, with a beautiful view of both Hrubý Jeseník and the Kralický sněžník massif. From here, the destination of the journey is already visible - Three Stones. After a challenging but short climb, you will soon reach your goal. Three stones are a popular tourist destination for local tourists, especially because of the views of the surroundings and the protected Přemyslid meadows.

You can get back to the village Hanušovice in the same direction. Or a steady steep descent along the asphalt road - route No. 6155 and then route No. 6196 through the villages of Pekařov and Pusté Žibřidovice.


Author: Martina Zapletalová